Should Arsenal fans be taking a long hard look at themselves?


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I’m not quite sure that Arsenal fans live in a world that is coherent with that of any other football fan.

Last night at about 11pm I was half an hour into the three hour drive back from the foggy, cold East Coast having watched an unspectacular 2-0 Watford victory over the mighty Ipswich Town.

Switch on TalkSport, all you can hear is constant whinging from Arsenal fans who have comeback from seeing their team beaten by arguably one of the favourites for the Champions League this season. Yes, I understand the result was not ideal and could have been better but why the constant whinging that you rarely get from any other club on the planet?

1) We don’t spend any money:

You’re bottom of the net spend table over the last decade with regards to the Premier League, turning a profit. I can understand the frustration. Does this not make Wenger’s achievements all the more spectacular?

Your board is relucant to spend a penny of their own money. It’s their business and they can run it how they like. They’re businessmen. They’re not oligarchs vis-a-vis Mr Abramovich. They are not using Arsenal as a toy to pass the time like Abramovich does with Chelsea. It’s their choice yet Mr Wenger again bares the brunt of the Arsenal fans’ frustration.

Stop whinging about your sustainable club. Have you seen the consequences of irresponsible spending? Just take a quick look at Leeds and what happened to them. Take a look at the modern day Liverpool. Is that the way you want your club to go?

2) Wenger won’t get the wallet out and spash the cash:

In this day and age if the board decide to buck the trend and spend big what will they get for their money? Seeing Henderson go to Liverpool for £20million, Downing for similar, Carroll and Torres for extortionate fees. The list is never-ending. If Arsenal want to bring in a ready-made world class player it will cost them millions. Let me ask, as an Arsenal fan would you want your board to spend £50 million on a player like Torres, running the risk of them being a complete flop?

What message would that send out to players like Ox, Theo, Wilshere and Ramsey who Wenger has invested so much time in. Wenger has built team upon team by buying players cheap and developing them into exceptional players. Why have Arsenal fans suddenly lost the faith in his ability?

3) We haven’t won a trophy in 8 years, it’s time to move on:

Why do Arsenal fans live in the past? 8 years is a long, long time. Maybe it’s time to adjust expectations of your team. Your team isn’t the invicible team of all those years ago. Your team is yet a mere shadow of that team.

To quote James Corden speaking on TalkSport yesterday:

“Arsenal fans, your team is no longer an amazing team, just a very very good team”

Please, Arsenal fans come back down to earth. Look at teams like Nottingham Forest and Leeds United. Nottingham Forest have won 2 European Cups; that’s 2 more than you ever have. Nottingham Forest, under Clough won the league and were the best team in Europe and arguably the world. Look at them now. Do you see Forest fans ringing TalkSport every week moaning every week that they haven’t won a trophy in years? No. They have suitably adjusted expectations and that’s a damn sight harder than you poor old serf’s at Arsenal having to make the long hard slog down to your luxury padded seats watching some of the best football that the world has to offer.

Yes, you have every right to be frustrated by losing to Bradford and Blackburn in the manner that you have done this year. Sure, blame Wenger for resting some of your big guns against Blackburn ahead of a home tie with one of Europe’s giants in Bayern Munich. The fact of the matter is that you should have won that game with the players you had on the pitch. You dominated both games yet paid for missed chances and the player’s being outfought on the pitch. Wenger can only do so much. When the players cross that white line it’s down to them.

Since Wenger has been at the club you have made the Champions League every single year despite the emergence of big spending City, Chelsea and even Liverpool. You have fought off the emergence of Spurs every year even though they are arguably the better team now-a-days.

4) Wenger is tactically inept, he can’t adapt and we can’t play any other way

If I had a quid for everytime an Arsenal fan came up to me and laughed at the style of football Watford played under Boothroyd I would be hundreds better off. You want to be more adaptable and be able to change formation and play a different way of football? But I thought you were the best footballing side in England? I thought you were the only total football side in England? You hate the way Stoke play, you hate the physical nature of the game and those tackles on Eduardo and Ramsey were the two worst tackles you’ve ever seen. Martin Taylor is a scumbag and should be banned for football for life, and as for that thug Shawcross he should be put in prison. Bla Bla Bla.

Make your mind up. You can’t have it both ways. Do you want your team to win ugly or do you want to see them play football like you’ve all been going on about for so many years? It’s getting tedious now.


wenger out

Yet another viral trend on Twitter coupled with pathetic stickers being posted around stations and stadium toilets, is this really what the prestigious club of Arsenal has come to? A manager who has done so much for the club is being targetted by morons with stickers around train stations.

So, Wenger leaves the club. What next for Arsenal? Who to bring in?

Please can one Arsenal fan give me a feasible answer to this question. Who are you going to be able to bring in that has as much passion for the club as Arsene Wenger?

You’re not going to get Mourinho, Pep, Mancini etc simply because they’ll be thinking: “what does the Arsenal job offer to me?”

A massive act to follow in Wenger, and a board that refuses to spend a penny.

David Moyes seems a well suited candidate to the job, years at an Everton team that have a board that also loves to sell their best players and then refuse to re-invest except in cheaper, less well known buys. Why would Moyes want to go to another job where he has a massive budget constraint and is under constant threat of other clubs poaching his best players? Might as well stay at Everton in that case.

Wenger is passionate about the club and still loves the club and I don’t think any Arsenal fans can deny that. You will struggle to find a manager who even has a tenth of that amount of passion for the club unless you go for former players. So, gamble on an ex-player and see someone like Tony Adams and his woeful managerial record take the club by storm? Ok then.

If you get rid of Wenger there’s only one way you and your average squad are going and that’s not back up the table.

At the end of the day everyone dreams of being Man United. There is only one Man United. Arsenal are not Man United, Chelsea are not Man United and City are not Man United. Their fans like to think they’re Man United but they’re not. United are the only club to so far buck the modern era football cycle. Every club has great patches in their history, and every club has bad parts. Yes you may be in a bad part but I think the short-sightedness that Arsenal fans are showing is really quite astounding.

Arsenal fans take a long hard look at yourself and think. Would you rather be seeing world class football every week and not winning a trophy or would you rather be travelling to Portman Road on a Tuesday night to see a game contested on a scrappy pitch with players that even your most avid of football fan has probably never heard of?

In my lifetime I may never see my team win a trophy. I may see us get relegated several times, and I may see us get promoted a couple of times. Am I moaning?

Quit your whinging and get behind your team for once.



  1. most utterly stupid load of tripe i’ve read in a while, and I follow piers morgon on twitter. well done, thats an outstanding achievement. you could work for the sun or the daily mail if you keep trying hard!

    1. Thanks for your constructive response and argument in reply. Duly noted.

  2. Load of bollocks. Stick to Watford

    1. Yet another constructive and coherent argument. Ta.

  3. Trevor Baconfield · · Reply

    Interesting argument but what it shows is that you clearly haven’t watched Arsenal much this season. If you had, you’d know that Aaron Ramsay is way below the standard required but we’ve just given him a new contract!!!

    As for if we’d like to follow Liverpool’s example: if it means signing players like Suarez and Sturridge then damn right we would!!!

    As for potential Wenger successors, Yurgen Klopp would be now be my first choice: have you ever heard of him?

    As for David Moyes taking the job: mate, he’d walk from Merseyside to London if it was ever offered to him – which thankfully it never will be.

    Watford have been long ball Barneys ever since the days of old turnip head – let alone Boothroyd!

    And i don’t know what they teach at University these days but it’s obviously not history: the likes of Forest and Leeds don’t have a tenth of Arsenal’s pedigree: they were both dominant for very short periods. Those 2 clubs have won 4 top flight titles and 3 FA Cups between them. Arsenal have won 13 top flight titles and 10 Fa Cups…nuff said.

    1. 1) I completely agree that Ramsey is not good enough for the Arsenal first team. As a squad player surely he adds some sort of value? He hasn’t been anywhere near the player he looked like developing into following that injury. He’s not the worst player in the squad by far.

      2) Suarez and Sturridge two good signings in amongst a mish mash of pure rubbish. Liverpool’s transfer policy to me seems more like a lucky dip – sign as many overrated English youngsters as possible for as high a transfer fee as possible and see if any of them come good. Even then, as a team they’re hardly tearing up the Premier League.

      3) Klopp has already come out and announced that he would rather stay at Dortmund than come to the Premier League. If he’s going to turn down Chelsea I don’t see why he’d prefer to come to Arsenal. Cheers for the sarcastic comment on “Do I know who he is though”.

      4) Indeed Watford have been renowned for long-ball for a long time and now it’s changing – much to the delight of myself and several over Watford fans, but that’s by-the-by.

      5) I study Economics as a degree rather than the History of football. As for the history of the clubs, yes i’m well aware that Arsenal are a bigger club and have been for a long time. That doesn’t change the fact that both Leeds and Forest have have experienced a huge fall from grace. Going from winning the European Cup to Championship mediocrity must be a bitter pill for even the most loyal of fans to swallow, no?

      The main point of the article is really to try and open some fans eyes to the status of the club. It’s not all bad at Arsenal. Yes the people who waste their’s and others time constantly bickering on football phone ins are probably not a fair representation but it’s more targetting that sort of fan.

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